For the past couple of years, I have posted a column on my facebook page called Monday Morning Musings. Among its contents were short thoughts about current sporting events and personalities, maybe a few comments on more thought provoking issues, an occasion witty observation or a true story about the absurdity of everyday life in Osceola County. Within a few months, I noticed I was getting 20-30 comments each week on the column and with about 1,500 followers, I also noticed I would receive numerous messages if I failed to post the musings column in a given week. I also would receive a couple of messages that suggested I should turn the column into a blog or try to get it printed somewhere. Well after speaking with Editor Brian McBride, that opportunity now exists –at least on a trial basis – with the Osceola News Gazette.  Because it publishes on Thursdays and Saturdays, the name Monday Morning Musings doesn’t really work, so allow me to present the very first edition of The Saturday Sit-down: Baseball is the most record-centric of the major sports, but that is not the reason I enjoy it.  What I love about baseball is if you watch enough of it, something will happen that will make so say, “I’ve never seen that before.” Such an incident happened last week in the Indians-Detroit game when Cleveland’s Oscar Mercado became the first player in major league history to pitch in a game, homer in a game and successfully steal a base (he actually had two) in a game. I find it incredible that has never happened in the history of the modern era of baseball....Have to wonder whether the latest revelation that Florida Gators sophomore defensive back John Huggins was accused of putting his hands around a 19-year-old tutor’s neck may come back to haunt second year head coach Dan Mullen, who told reporters earlier this week that the 2018 incident was handled last year and Huggins’ current absence from training camp is totally unrelated.  My question is why is he still on the team?  This is not an indictment of the University of Florida, because this sort of thing not only happens at every major program, but violence against women should always be treated with a “zero tolerance” policy.  On his radio show “The Beat of Sports” on Wednesday, Marc Daniels asked, “When did common sense disappear?” noting that the ability to excel at football, basketball or some other sport apparently supersedes what should be the normal reaction to domestic violence.