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School newspaper may be getting TV show

Posted on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 6:00 am

By Jennifer DiDomenico
For the News-Gazette
Poinciana High School will be filming a pilot episode of a debate-formatted news segment this month, based on its school newspaper, The Point.
If all goes well, the school may receive a monthly 30-minute slot on Spectrum’s Hispanic TV.
The show would consist of a panel of journalism students, covering roughly four to six topics

Photo/Jim Ellis
Television producer Danny Ramos and Osceola School Board Member Kelvin Soto pose with the staff of The Point at Poinciana High School.

each segment.
“These issues could be teenage issues, or world issues but through the teenage eye,” said five-year Poinciana High School journalism teacher and newspaper adviser Jim Ellis. “The students are so excited for this opportunity. It really just fell in our lap.”
The idea for this pilot came about in an unexpected way.
Rewind to 2015, Osceola County School Board Member Kelvin Soto mentioned The Point at a school board meeting— raving about what a wonderful publication it was.
The editor at the time decided to take a chance, and ask Soto to write a guest column for the paper. He agreed.
“We thought we were hitting the big time… Having a school board member featured in our newspaper,” said Ellis. “[Soto] has been a fan since.”
Fast-forward to 2018. Soto was recently featured as a local politician on a Hispanic TV segment. The filming led to a conversation about the benefits of student news programs, and the need for a student news program in the Central Florida community. Soto knew just the school.
“One thing that I have learned as a School Board member and chairman is that we learn a lot more from our students than we teach them,” said Soto. “Our students are far from stereo-typical teenagers. With this in mind, Poinciana High will commence a pilot program of televised discussions where students can show the world their advanced educations and awareness of current events. Most of these participants will be voting next November and will soon put the ideas they debated to good use for
us all.”
As the pilot filming will take place mid-February, the students are beyond thrilled.
“We are all very excited and honored to have this platform,” said Kathryn Hunter, a junior at Poinciana High School and news editor of the The Point. “This show will give teenagers an opportunity to offer their opinions on the heavy issues of the day.”