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Red light cameras to go online at five more county intersections

Posted on Friday, September 12, 2014 at 12:30 pm

By Ken Jackson
Staff Writer
Red-light safety cameras will go online at five more intersections in Osceola County over the course of this month.
CountyThe registered vehicle owner of cars that run red lights at those signals will begin receiving warning notices beginning this week. Only warnings will be issued the first 30 days after a camera is activated, but a $158 fine dictated by state law will be issued when the violation phase begins after that.
A portion of the fine will remain in Osceola County, which has designated those funds to be used for public safety improvements at those intersections.
The warning period began Wednesday at Pleasant Hill Road and Orange Blossom Trail/John Young Parkway. Other cameras coming online include:
Monday: U.S. Highway 192 and Poinciana Boulevard;
Sept. 20: Vineland Road and Polynesian Isle Boulevard; Sept. 25: U.S. 192 and Celebration Avenue; Sept. 30: Osceola Parkway and Orange Blossom Trail.
Each intersection will feature a warning sign that the camera is monitoring it. A vehicle is in violation when all of it crosses the solid white line in an intersection after the traffic light turns red. Technicians with American Traffic Solutions, the vendor the county contracts with for the cameras, review violations images and other factors, such as if the incident is related to an emergency vehicle or funeral procession in the intersection, before sending them on to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. Only law enforcement can issue a citation and fine.
The camera system does not enforce right turns on a red light, only straight-through and left-turn violations.
One county intersection, Poinciana Boulevard and Pleasant Hill Road, went into violation mode earlier this year. County officials said ATS referred 129 cases to the Sheriff’s Office during August.
Staff refer to statistics that show the cameras reduced fatal crashes involving red light running by 24 percent in 2011.
The city of Kissimmee has been utilizing cameras at city intersections.