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Plans for West 192 redevelopment wrapping up

Posted on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 4:44 pm

By Tiffanie Reynolds
Staff Writer
After months of studying, analyzing and evaluating, the West 192 Redevelopment Authority is finally beginning to see a plan come together.
CountyThat plan, which started the draft finalization process on March 6, will be approved by the board in April and sent to the Osceola County Commission for final approval in May. From there, the Redevelopment Authority will start the 20 year process of implementing these plans to revitalize the West U.S. Highway 192 corridor, with six projects already lined up to start immediately.
“You guys build a blueprint, and the blueprint is going to build us. I really think that this is a great blueprint. And, we’re not going to agree with everything, we’re going to tweak it, but the bones here are what we’re going to need moving forward, and to move forward quickly,” said Mark Miller, chairman of the W192 Redevelopment Authority, during the March 6 presentation.
These six projects are ranked by priority in the  redevelopment of the corridor, which are effectiveness, tourism, positively impacting the area and positively influencing the corridor and cost, in both spending and revenue. The projects are projected to bring the most change in the corridor within the first five years.
The first project is Targeted Tourism Industry Development Incentives, which are strategies that will attract new major hotels and attractions to the corridor, and, in turn, more families to the corridor.
The second project is Land Use and Signage Code Updates. This will help the authority build on the corridor  by adding modifications to the Land Development Code. This project also will reduce the signage along the corridor as well as revitalize the billboards.
The third project will focus on tourism projects with the county on the corridor, while its fourth project focuses on W192 Leisure and Residential Development Incentives. That will be used to boost entertainment venues on Segment 1 and targeted residential development in Segment 3.
The fifth project is Tourism Business Support and Repositioning. This is to support the existing businesses on West U.S. Highway 192. It also will help struggling businesses be helping them switch to a different market or be purchased by the authority.  This also includes a training program for existing small hotels as well as an incentive program to replace vacant buildings with multifamily residential development. The sixth project is working with Experience Kissimmee to create a marketing program for West U.S. Highway 192.
For redevelopment, the overall corridor is separated into three sections, each with a specific goal within the redevelopment plan. Section One, which spans just beyond Westside Boulevard to Interstate 4, focuses on business redevelopment as well as the future area for county projects along W. U.S. Highway 192.
Segment Two spans from I-4 to Vineland Road, and leans heavily on tourist redevelopment in both accommodations for tourists as well as entertainment. Segment Three spans from Vineland Road to West Vine Street and focuses on revitalization of current businesses as well as residential development.
Members of the W 192 Redevelopment Authority are still working out the details on each of
these projects.
The final draft plan will be presented and voted on by the board at its April 3 meeting. If approved, the board will present itsdraft to the Osceola County Commission for approval and implementation
in May.