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Picks of the Weak: Top 6 doesn’t change much, but it will soon

Posted on Friday, November 18, 2016 at 10:28 am

If the Dolphins fall to 0-2 at New England Saturday, Fins fans can start to sweat.

The  Dolphins have won four in a row.

By Rick Pedone

After practically guaranteeing last week that the college football playoff field was set, I give you the results from last Saturday:
No. 2 Clemson, loss.
No. 3 Michigan, loss.
No. 4 Washington, loss.
As Nostradamus once said, “How the heck am I supposed to know?”
Well, at least Alabama won. But, picking the Tide to win every week is almost as challenging as guessing if a Kardashian is going to be in People magazine next month.
The funny thing is, nothing much changed even with those three colossal upsets.
Michigan didn’t go anywhere and stayed at No. 3, Clemson dropped to No. 4, and Ohio State moved up to No. 2 from No. 5.
Washington slipped to No. 6, one spot behind Louisville, which was up one spot to No. 5 but will sink like a stone next week after Thursday’s drubbing at Houston.
But, for now, last week’s top 6 is this week’s top 6.
The only thing that changed is that everyone except Alabama has used their mulligan. The Tide would have to lose to Auburn next week, and then lose again at the SEC championship game, to fall out of the top four.
Seriously, who from the SEC East is going to beat Alabama? Or LSU, for that matter?  (Sorry, Gators, see below.)
Ohio State is in a weird place in that even if it beats the Wolverines next week, it might not win its Big Ten division since it lost to Penn State and the Nittany Lions control the tiebreaker.
Penn State can make a good case for itself by winning out and then taking the Big Ten championship game while OSU can only sit by the sidelines and watch.
It will be interesting to see if the playoff committee would give a playoff berth to a two-loss Nittany Lions team over the Buckeyes, who yakked away what should have been a certain win at Penn State last month.
By the way, wouldn’t this be a lot more fun if someone from Florida (the university or the state) would poke their noses into this thing more often?
Except for FSU a couple years ago, the playoffs have been Sunshine State-free since Florida’s third championship in 2008-09.
What gives?
And the SEC, outside of Bama and maybe LSU, continues a decline that gets more noticeable each season.
The Tide is the only SEC rep in top 10. And, the SEC East is more and more resembling the old Big East – mediocrity abounds.
Meanwhile, the once-maligned Big Ten has four reps among the top 10.
I guess we know where a lot of that Florida high school football talent is going.

The Mighty News-Gazette Divine 9:
No. 1: Roll Tide. No. 2: Seattle, the city and the Seahawks. No. 3: Dak and Company. No. 4. And Ezekiel. No. 5: The NFC East. No. 6: Pitt kicker Chris Blewitt, who didn’t against Clemson. No. 7: The Fantastical Fins. No. 8: The Even More Fantastical Big Ten. No. 9: Da Raydahs.

To the picks:
Tulsa at UCF (-1.5) – Knights are bowl eligible, so why not shoot for a better bowl by winning the last two, huh? The team formerly known as the Golden Knights by 3.
Ken “Young But Aging Quickly” Jackson says: Only cause the seniors want to go out winners, Knights by 7.

Miami (-3) at N.C. State: Dangerous one for the Canes, but they seem to be coming together after a shaky first half season. The team currently known as the Hurricanes by 2.
Young Jackson says: Sure. (Can you tell that he doesn’t get paid by the word?)

Florida at LSU (-13.5): The SEC Game of the Century of the Week. The Gators might have lost this one back when it was originally scheduled in Gainesville during Hurricane Matthew week. But you had to like their chances then a whole lot more than you do now on the road. But, while they are here, maybe the Gators can put in a good word for Jimbo Fisher, no? Tigers by 4.
Young Jackson says: Tigers by many.

Oklahoma (-3) at West Virginia: You can’t beat this one for fun: a Big 12 shootout on a Saturday night in Morgantown. Hide the children. Mountain Men by 2.
Young Jackson says: Sooners by midnight, maybe 1 a.m.

USC (-12.5) vs. UCLA – There just isn’t much to pick from on this mediocre pre-holiday college slate, so we’ll go with this traditional rivalry that would be a lot better if the Bruins would get their act together. Troy Boys by 7.
Young Jackson says: Trojans in the LA Bowl.

The paid professionals:
Jacksonville at Detroit (-6.5) – The four most feared words in Orlando: “Jaguars on the road.” That means that they’ll be clogging up your TV for 3-plus hours on Sunday. Lions by 10.
Young Jackson says: Always take Jacksonville to lose (sorry, Blake).

Tampa Bay at Kansas City (-7.5): Bucs have been up and down this season. Put this one in the way down column. Chefs by 6.
Young Jackson says: Chiefs name the score, they’ve got their act together.

Miami (-1.5) at Los Angeles: The Dolphins are a completely different team from the one that started the season, and that is a very, very good thing. Fish by 1.
Young Jackson says: Dolphins by 10, as in 10-0. The Rams are bad, but they are in Los Angeles.

Buffalo at Cincinnati (-3): Well, at least it should be competitive. Bills by 2 in the “Because the AFC North Can’t Beat Anyone” Upset Special.
Young Jackson says: Trump was once rumored to buy the Bills. Coach Rex would approve. Bills by 6.

Green Bay at Washington (-2.5): About all we can say about the Packers at this point is that they should be in the AFC North, although the NFC North ain’t much better. Politically Incorrect Native Americans by 1.
Young Jackson says: Skins by 3 because the NFL East only beats itself anymore.

Brian “Big Man” McBride’s Super Sniffer Upset Special: Pack by 3.

Petey “The Gators Are Going To Win” Covino says: They’re not, but Gators by 3.