Disagrees with Thomas, sheriff

The following letter is in response to Tribune writer Cal Thomas’ column titled “Sheriff David Clarke speaks the truth” published in the Sept. 1 edition of the News-Gazette.

To the Editor:

There is most definitely some truth in what Sheriff Clarke says about the present day problems facing inner city neighborhoods in Milwaukee and elsewhere across the nation. Yet, I find it naive to place the blame on governmental social services, which are only reacting to a serious humanitarian crisis rooted more deeply in a greedy corporate quest for global dominance that has desecrated the American job market and in turn, humiliated many would-be-responsible husbands and fathers to the point of despair and anger. I can’t see how cutting off assistance to the less fortunate and their innocent children while making them suffer more is going to remedy the real problem of a lack of good jobs and the dignity that accompanies those jobs.

Cal Thomas and Sheriff Clarke seem convinced that “progressive ideology” is creating the problem of dependency, which, at first glance, looks like the truth. And suggest that “self-evaluation with internal-readjustment” followed by the proper attitude is what is needed to straighten out this mess. Don’t we all wish it were that easy; punish them, make them suffer, make their children suffer; make them see it’s their fault and their responsibility alone. This has been the mantra of every dictator down through history, brutes unable to see beyond the surface, bent on an easy fix to a complicated problem they scapegoat the real truth and blame their political opponent at the same time.

Mr. Thomas should be smart enough to know this. Apparently, the sheriff is not. Welfare does not perpetrate this problem it tries to alleviate it while, minimizing suffering, the fact that the need for welfare is growing is an indicator more of a failed economy orchestrated by a corrupt partisan congress than the rant of one African-American man’s inarticulate complaint at the riot in Milwaukee. Shame on you for the misrepresentation of those less fortunate among us.

Jerry Mobley

St. Cloud