Editor’s Note:

This week the Osceola County School District is participating in “Celebrate Freedom Week.” Two local high school students chose to write about their meaning of freedom and submit it to the News-Gazette.

What does freedom mean to me?

By Zack Callagan

In the literal sense, freedom is defined as a lack of restriction. Whether it be the freedom from responsibility or the freedom of speech, each such freedom would allow us to do or say as we please. This, however, is not what freedom means.

The media has made it such that people have fallen under a misconception as to the true meaning of freedom- that freedom equates unrestricted behavior. Amid the protests against the police, one might hear arguments of their rights being repressed. Who are the cops to think they can say what people can or cannot do? What people misunderstand is that freedom has limits. Without them, it would not be freedom- it would be anarchy; an anarchy born from an apathetic generation who feels they owe the world nothing and are entitled to everything.

Thomas Sowell offered the idea that “Freedom is not free. It requires, at a minimum, maturity and a sense of the realities of life.” This idea parallels that of Thomas Jefferson when he stated that the price of freedom was “Eternal Vigilance.” The actions taken through the increasing necessity of being “politically correct,” protests against the 2nd Amendment, or movements following the bandwagon of Colin Kaepernick in his resistance to the national anthem, show not only a lack of the “eternal vigilance” required to ensure freedom remains intact, but also a complete complacency with the ever-growing tyranny formed from the widespread apathy and gullibility that accepts it.

Freedom requires knowledge about what it truly means and also bravery to stand for it. Many people insistent on political correctness would be adamantly against the idea of other people being able to say anything and offending others in the process. Walter Williams wrote, “To truly support free speech, one has to accept that some people will say and publish things he finds deeply offensive.” People want their own personal liberties secured, but for some reason get offended when those same rights are granted to others. In order for freedom to succeed, we must be willing to stand up for the rights of others, even if we don’t necessarily like the effects of it.

I firmly believe that freedom is something we all fight for and earn, not some entitlement that we are all granted. But that freedom we fight for does not give us the right to disregard the bounds that separate freedom from anarchy.

Zach Callaghan is a student at Celebration High School


Freedom a form of art

By Molly Black

To me, freedom is an opportunity to express who you are. Our rights allow us the ability to share opinions and beliefs without the government not approving, or trying to stop any action from occurring. If the government was breathing down everyone’s neck as to what they say this country would just be a dictatorship. Our country is lucky enough to have this luxury, being able to talk freely about what they think.

If we did not have freedom, then there would be no more magazines or so many news channels. Although some people wou ld be ecstatic about having no gossip magazines or news. This wouldn’t keep people informed about new medical discoveries, or people wouldn’t be able to know what happened in our history from the people who lived through it. The press wouldn’t be able to interview anyone and give out information on the topic. The person who is being interviewed would not be expressing how they feel on the topic.

Another example of how we are able to express ourselves is through our beliefs. There are so many religions in the world and they are very diverse. A person’s religion is a part of who they are. Beliefs and opinions have an effect on how people see the world and they should be able to let everyone know how they see different subjects.  Without this, every single person would practically be told what to say and how they should view things. Luckily this is not how our country works and people can share their opinions or beliefs, even if no one agrees with them.

Freedom is like art. The artist using their imagination and how they see different object in the world to create something beautiful. Others may not view the subject the artist chose to do the same way. Art gives the artist away to express their feelings and views of the world and they can’t be told they aren’t allowed to create what they feel. Artist express themselves through their work and people express themselves through their speech and beliefs.

Overall, I view freedom as a way to see how different people feel and what they think about. Without freedom no one would be themselves and we would all be the exact same. Because of how we all observe and interpret things differently makes everyone unique and diverse. Freedom gives us the chance to not only experience others opinions but to share our own without fear.

Molly Black is a

student at the Osceola School for the Arts