Matheny stays positive

My name is Linette Matheny and I am a candidate for St. Cloud City Council, Seat 2. I am proud to have run a constructive campaign based on issues important to St. Cloud. I have been outspoken about the need to protect St. Cloud’s small town character by limiting growth, preventing new taxes and fees, and making public safety the Council’s top priority. Because of this positive issue based approach the Osceola News Gazette Editorial Board gave me their recommendation declaring “Linette Matheny has an excellent grasp of the issues while conveying fresh, viable ideas about moving St. Cloud forward.” The St. Cloud Professional Firefighters Union endorsed my campaign because of my commitment to public safety.

Unfortunately, my opponent has taken a different approach and chosen to run a negative campaign based on misleading political attack mail. I never expected in a City Council race to see such vicious and unprincipled behavior. What is particularly disturbing is that almost everything my opponent has said about me is completely untrue. This is my first run for elected office and I guess I was naive to believe that in a local race candidates couldn’t or at least wouldn’t directly lie about someone’s positions or unjustly malign their character.

If you are like me, you are sick of politicians sending out ugly attack ads and commercials.  I can assure you, my campaign will not stoop to this type of behavior and will remain honest and positive. If you would like to know more about me or my campaign, contact me at or call me on my cell phone at 407-288-9359. I would be happy set the record straight.

I strongly encourage you to check the facts before you believe any candidate who sends out attack mail. Lets show politicians that negative and deceitful ads don’t work in St. Cloud.

Linette Matheny

Candidate for St. Cloud

Council, Seat 2