By Peggy Choudhry

I wanted to thank the News Gazette for a fantastic article: (Choudhry fails to get city support for crisis center published on June 23).

This article detailed and highlighted the true questions and conversations we should be having as we move forward in creating this One Stop Care Crisis Center for the betterment of our county and citizens.

Unfortunately, at this City Commission meeting, Kissimmee Mayor Jose Alvarez asked the supporters and guests that were present, if they would prefer “to just raise their hands” if they support efforts to this center in order to save time. We were also told not to be disruptivem which we learned included clapping after a speaker. I was happy to see that voters and supporters to the One Stop Care Crisis Center choose to speak and wanted their thoughts heard by the city commission. This only lead some of us to believe that some members of the commission may have already had their minds made up (no matter what we said) but this article thankfully brings many important points to the table.

I look forward to discussing these points on July 16 with our Osceola County Commission Board as well as on all the other media that has invited me to shed light on this beforehand. I want to assure the voters that as an elected official we should always have the best interest in mind and not depend on other officials from other boards to make decision for you. I say this because the article clearly identified Mayor Alvarez expressing to us that in order for him to make a decision he needs to hear first from official in the county. So it surprised me to see any elected official not speak up for their voters and instead allow another official to make a decision for them. I will not do this, I will protect my voters as I should and speak up for them as Vice Mayor Wanda Rentas and Commission Olga Gonzalez did on the day where it counted most. I want to thank them for having their own minds and defend the rights of the people. Thank you again Commissioner Olga Gonzalez and Vice-Mayor Wanda Rentas for the vote to provide services to your voters and listening to what they were requesting. You both showed courage in a pre-determined political climate. Again, as elected officials this is nothing personnel, this is for the betterment of our community and we are addressing these issues as such.

I pledge that I will continue to be the people’s biggest supporter and not be afraid to address challenging issues with any board. I am a person to do what I say I will do, not just during elections but all the time. For those who want to reach me and/or support these efforts in any way please call my office at 407 742 – 2000.

Peggy Choudhry is an Osceola County commissioner representing district 1.