As many of you may have noticed, Osceola County is growing in population every day.

Our county is forecast to double in population by 2040, eventually surpassing Seminole County, as you can see in the chart below:

This is why the next 10 and 20 years are very critical in planning proper and efficient growth. We will need to be sure to address this in commission district 1, which will see much of the grow coming to their communities for events, shopping, and other activities.

Forbes recently featured the Sanford/Orlando/Kissimmee region as No. 2 for growth rate nationwide. Other areas Central Florida is forecast to grow are in number of jobs. According to Forbes, we added 4.57 percent more jobs last year, and are projected to add 3.54 percent more this year.

Wages will continue to climb as well, having added 6.08 percent to workers’ paychecks this year, and are projected to increase another 8.22 percent this year.

That’s great news, but I know residents are keen on improving their property values. Last year as a region, Central Florida residents enjoyed a 9.52 percent increase in home prices, and this year we are forecast to add another 8.64 percent.

Growth is important to us all in every community. As we grow, I want to work together in addressing your concerns. I have decided to start a Citizens and Business Committee.

Those citizens interested in joining the committee must live in district 1 to help address issues within the district. A person interested in the business committee must own or manage a business in district 1.

Meetings will be held quarterly to provide update, exchange information and ideas. If you are interested in joining, please email me at

As always, if you have an issue or concern, please feel free to contact me at 407-742-2000 or by email at