Which Thanksgiving dish do you let pass on by?

Green bean casserole doesn't seem to be a favorite dish for some people on Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving, we all sit down together for a hearty feast.

But as the food is passed around, there is usually that one dish that you let pass by because your taste buds just reject it. What is that dish?

That’s what we recently asked in the News-Gazette poll on our Facebook page. And here’s what you had to say:   

• Angie Douglas, of Kissimmee: “Collard greens. Ewwwww.”

• Hope Hicka, of St. Cloud: “Unless they’re slathered in bacon, I could live without brussel sprouts in my life.”

• Laila Osborne, of Kissimmee: “I can’t stand Lima beans or butter beans of any sort and my boyfriend loves them.”

• Sammy Quinones, of Kissimmee: “Stuffing. Don’t like the flavor or anything with it. Dry.”

Here were some other random comments:

• “Candied sweet potatoes/ yams! Make me want to hurl!”

• “Cranberries or cranberry sauce. I have never understood why it’s served with everything else on Thanksgiving. It just doesn’t belong! Ick.”

• “Why do we serve cranberry sauce?”

• “Cranberries & sweet potato casserole. My mother makes both & always has leftovers. It never gets eaten. But definitely love the rest of the dishes for turkey day. Especially the turkey.”

• “I don’t like stuffing, it makes you fat.”

• “Pecan pie and sweet potatoes, especially with the marshmallow.”

• “Love baked sweet potatoes, can’t take the candied ones.”

• “Turkey! Whole cranberry sauce! Everything else is great!”

• “Sweet potatoes and green bean casserole.”

• “Green bean casserole!”

• “I second the motion of green bean casserole. Yuck!”

But Bob Tremblay, of  Poinciana had a different opinion on the Thanksgiving Day dinner.

“I love everything,” he wrote.  

Happy Thanksgiving!