What would you like to see in 2020 Osceola County?

Welcome to 2020 Osceola County.

We certainly saw our share of news-making topics in 2019.

With a new decade ahead of us, we asked on our Facebook page what you would like to see for  Osceola County this year.

Here were just some of your responses:

• Honestly. I want the law to change in the memory of the girl Nicole (Montalvo)! Truth!💜

• Safer roads. Too many bad and fatal accidents that could be prevented. Keep our families safe in Osceola County.

• Νo more growth, things to do for families, (bowling, skating,) bring back the small town feeling,

• A downtown Kissimmee with lot of strong businesses and social offerings. Make downtown Kissimmee the place for the society to meet.

• Bring in the New Year a chance for everyone to work without hassle, even for teens to help keep them off the streets.

• More affordable housing. People do not need large houses with too much space.

We need communities with decent houses and need to live simply within our means. Too many people struggle. It has been so hard for people to make an honest living and live a decent life.

• Stop building and address the traffic issues in the county.

• Stop approving massive development. We are overcrowded. Osceola is full.

• More roads! Better infrastructure to accommodate all these new “affordable” housing projects (not to mention all the other home building going on.

• No more building!

• Please get the homeless problem under control. There has to be a program to help them and keep them off the streets. They are humans too.

• Get rid of abandoned buildings, rebuild into affordable housing. More businesses that create better paying jobs.

• I’d like to see fewer Luxury Homes and Luxury Apartments, and more Affordable Homes and apartments. In 2017 the median income for Osceola County was $49,762. When you factor in other living expenses, it’s no wonder there is such a large number of families living in hotels, or people having to work 2-3 jobs just to pay their bills. The average person shouldn’t need solid granite countertops and top of the line appliances. They need to be able to feed and clothe their family.

In addition, I think it should be a development policy that before a company can begin building a new office/retail complex, they should be required to rehab an existing but empty structure into either green space or community centers.

• I’ll keep off of the politics and go with more government involvement in community initiatives to address the issues faced by our homeless Veterans. A hand up...not a hand out!

• I want to see old Kissimmee again.

You can find the polls at https://www.facebook.com/osceolanewsgazette. And to find news from around the county, go to www.aroundosceola.com.