What is your favorite scary movie Osceola County?

The move “The Exorcist” was one movie mentioned as one of the scariest of all time.

OK, so Halloween is over. But being it fell on a Thursday, like Thanksgiving, we’re going to call this the Halloween weekend.

And no doubt, there will still be plenty of scary movies to watch throughout the weekend.

So we asked on the News-Gazette’s Facebook page what was your favorite scary movie to watch? We asked that those who wanted to be included in the story to leave the city they lived in.

Here are just some of the responses:

• Karin Sipe, of ChampionsGate: “The entire Saw series!! It’s what makes the Halloween season spooky for me and I never get tired of watching it.”

• Debbie Burgess, of Kissimmee: “This summer’s gator movie Crawl scared me to death. We just rented it on red box today for a thriller again.”

• Jenna Deane, of St. Cloud: “I always watch It (original) or The Shining. Stephen King is my favorite.”

• Julie Roberson, of St. Cloud: “An oldie but goodie. “The Exorcist” still creeps me out.”

• Deborah Masterson Scheigert, of St. Cloud: “House on Haunted Hill.”

Here were some other comments that people left.

• “American Werewolf in London - I can honestly say it’s the first horror movie I watched and when it came to the hospital scene where the guys guts are missing I actually walked out to the lobby and waited for my friends.”

• “House on Haunted Hill. Saw it as a kid at the drive-in with my parents and had nightmares for weeks. What were they thinking???!!!”

• “(The original) Halloween. One of my favorite movies ever!”

• “Motel hell. Scary, cheesy and funny all at the same time.”

• “The Exorcist...evokes fear like no other movie. Young girl so innocent. Even though I don’t believe in the devil it got me in a place no other movie ever has. High bar for other movies and in my opinion no other has even come close to it!”

• “Child’s Play (all of them). The doll is cute & sinister all in one.”