What does Osceola want to see for Walt Disney Company property?

Recently, the Walt Disney Company purchased  land in Osceola County, but hasn’t unveiled its plans.

In December, Disney purchased 965 acres after acquiring BK Ranch, just southeast of Celebration, according to published reports.

And just this month, Disney purchased more than 1,500 acres east of BK Ranch.

So we asked readers what they hoped to see for the land through a Sound Off Osceola poll. And we certainly received some direct and colorful answers.  

The question posed was, The Walt Disney Company recently purchased thousands of acres of land in Osceola County. Do you hope the company uses it to:

1) Build a new town like Celebration.

2) Create a new conservation area.

3) Build a new theme park.

Here are just some of the responses.

• “A new community like Celebration, but places people can afford. People who’s jobs are supported by the tourist industries, but who don’t make as much as Disney employees.”

• “How about only for conservation.”

• “How about a beautiful park/conservation! Enough with building more homes and malls! Osceola County is full!”

• “I’d like to see this conglomerate stop. You’re big enough. You don’t need to own the entire state.  Just go be happy with your trillion-dollar empire and leave something for the rest of us”.

• “I’d bet money it’s for conservation so that they can build somewhere else.”

• “Based on the land’s location and how close it is to me, I sincerely hope it’s not a new theme park. I’m OK with the other two options but would prefer a conservation area.”

• “No more theme parks...can’t afford it! More like a nature forest type of park.”

• “We most certainly do not need poorly built shopping complexes or housing complexes. Perhaps they could build a market with healthy food for families, organic food or Trader Joe’s.”

• “No. 2!!! We have enough of the other two options. Stop cutting down all our trees and start preserving what we have left!”

• “Shelter the homeless.”

• “Hopefully they can build new roads to help with traffic in the area.”

• “Disney needs a fifth gate. Attendance in the 4 parks is getting out of control and the company is losing guests who “refuse to come back” because of the absurd crowds.”

• “It won’t be another theme park. At least not on that property.”

•“#3 so I can finally get a fast pass for the Slinky (Dog)ride at Toy Story Land.”