What do Osceola residents want for 2019?

Happy New Year Osceola County!

We recently published a Sound Off Osceola poll on our Facebook page reading: What is one change you would like to see come to Osceola County in 2019?

The response was well received with many focusing on traffic and development in the county.

Here are just some of the responses.

• “More stories about the positive things people do to help others!”

• “Less residential development in St. Cloud and more professional building developments to bring professional high paying jobs to the area! It would be nice not to have to commute to Seminole County for a decent high paying salary. Residents here can’t live off fast food salaries!”

• “It would be great if people could drive correctly and perhaps even with some common courtesy.”

• “Time machine it back to the early 60s before Disney.”

• “A bypass from Pleasant Hill to St. Cloud. The traffic is horrendous and dangerous.”

• “More faster roads to connect Poinciana to the rest of the world. Less housing.”

• “Huge park – swimming, skate boarding, basketball courts, trees, grills for picnics and county employees monitoring the parks open until 8 p.m. Something for young people to go do and stay out of trouble. Maybe a band shell for live music concerts between St. Cloud and Kissimmee.”

• “Better managed growth. We have it backwards here. We stuff more and more people into more mega developments, and then we start building the infrastructure (roads, etc) to handle them.”

• “More affordable housing. Stop building $200k houses that average lower middle-income families cannot afford!!!”

• “Widen Boggy Creek Road and Simpson Road.”

• “Less traffic. Safer drivers.”

• “Widen and resurface Osceola Parkway between the tollbooth and State Road 417.”

• “Control the growth and stop the suburban sprawl into the rural areas.”

• “Spanish taught in public schools! (Elementary)”

• “Planning instead of uncurbed growth...and English as a first language.”

• “No more residential building!!”

• “We need the (SunRail) train on weekends.”

• “Less development and wider roads. The roads to be fixed.”

• “More than one lane in and out of Poinciana.”

• “Less traffic!!! It is ridiculous.”