What are Osceola County residents thankful for?

What are Osceola County residents thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday?

The newspaper asked just that in our latest Sound Off Osceola poll. The question posted on the News-Gazette’s Facebook page and in the Viewpoint section of the newspaper asked: “As Thanksgiving approaches Osceola County, tell us what you have to be thankful for.”

 The newspaper asked visitors to list the cities they live in, noting it would be used in an article.

Here are some of the responses the newspaper received:

• “I am thankful to God for my family and friends. I am also thankful to all the servicemen and women who fight to protect our country.” – Dawn Richards of St. Cloud

• “My husband passed away last year. 2018 has been a struggle. Learning to live without him, while experiencing medical issues myself, has not been easy. I am blessed though. I am thankful for my three adult children who have stepped up and helped me get by. I look up toward heaven, thank God, and let my husband know that we did a great job raising our kids.” – Terry Cribbs Hill of St. Cloud.

• “I am thankful for my immediate family. Those three people are the center of my universe. I am also thankful to live in a place where there is always something fun to do.” - Erin Tucciarone of Kissimmee

• “My amazing 6 children and my veteran husband.” – Katherine Garland of Kissimmee

•  “My family.” – Ginger Cook of Kissimmee

•  “I’m thankful for being born an American.” – Ernest White of Kissimmee

The paper even received a response from up north.

•  “I’m thankful for my family & faith have two children with families in St. Cloud.” – Marcel Jeannin of Dandridge, Tenn.

Happy Thanksgiving!