Weather warming up to near 80 degrees

After the temperature dropped to a chilly upper 40s Wednesday morning, we are looking great from Thursday through Saturday, with sunshine and highs of 75 to 80 degrees.

Only a slight chance of a shower on Sunday and back to a lovely day on Monday. Thanksgiving week is looking good with mostly dry weather and high temperatures from the upper 70s to low 80s.  I see us hitting the low 80s off and on right on through Dec. 4, as the cold air stays away for awhile. Looks like we are going to finish out the hurricane season with no problems, nothing coming through Nov. 30, when the season ends.

 I love the sun, and here is a fact that kind of freaks me out. The sun set in Barrow, Alaska, on Monday and will not rise again until Jan. 23. That is 66 days of darkness! Kind of makes our short days not seem so bad now doesn’t it?  

Recently, we had a ring and a halo around the moon. When folks see this, they often ask me what causes this and if it means anything to the coming weather? The halo forms when cirrus and cirrostratus clouds move into your area about five miles above the ground as these clouds are made up of ice crystals. These clouds often move in before a front or low pressure system and many times precede showers or precipitation. Statistics have shown that precipitation comes about 70 percent of the time within a couple of days, if not sooner, after you see a ring or halo around the moon.  

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