Veterans Day Parade 2019 to bring road closures in downtown Kissimmee

The city of Kissimmee announces temporary road closures on Saturday for the Veterans Day Parade.

These closures will help accommodate the 2019 Osceola Veterans Council Parade. The closures will begin at 8 a.m. and streets are expected to reopen at noon

 The following roads will be closed:

Broadway between Ruby Avenue and Sproule Avenue.

Dakin Avenue between Broadway and Monument Avenue.

Monument Avenue between Broadway and Lakeview Drive.

Lakeview Drive between Ruby Avenue and Dakin Avenue.

Ruby Avenue.

Bryan & Patrick Street from Rose Avenue to Ruby Avenue.

Motorists can utilize Church and Emmett streets as alternate routes for east and westbound traffic in Downtown Kissimmee. For those who are going to the Marina, access will be available through Lakeview Drive until 9:30 a.m. Downtown patrons and business owners should avoid parking on Broadway after 6 a.m. as vehicles will not be permitted to leave after 9 a.m. due to spectator arrival.

Free parking will be available at the following downtown Kissimmee garages.

Intermodal Garage (205 E Dakin Ave, enter from Neptune Road

Toho Square Garage (92 Pleasant St., come from Broadway/Pleasant Street

For more information about the City of Kissimmee visit,