The city of Kissimmee has started the month-long campaign, “Trash the Bag” which began Aug. 1, to encourage proper recycling and reduce plastic bag dependency and usage.

 If the city’s recycling collection trucks have more than 40 percent of non-recyclables onboard, including excessive plastic bags, the entire load is sent to the landfill. But plastic bags frequently get tangled in sorting equipment at the recycling center, making it difficult and costly to properly recycle, according to a city press release.

 Trash the Bag is bringing awareness to the city’s residents that all recyclable items must be loose in their recycling bin. Since almost all plastic bags are not recyclable nor environmentally friendly, the city also encourages the use of reusable bags.

 Stores such as Walmart Supercenter offer drop-off collection bins to recycle plastic bags. Anyone with plastic bags in their house or office, is asked to remember there’s another option to help the environment. Trash the bag or take it to one of the participating stores and make a difference, city officials said.