Tis the season to be nicer, even if it’s just the ‘thank-you traffic wave’

It’s Christmastime. The time we should be a little nicer to one another even though that should be year-round. It’s the time of year when some people open their wallets and pocketbooks a little easier to help the less fortunate. Some choose to work in soup kitchens to feed or help clothes the homeless.

But if you don’t have the ability or the time to do that, there is at least one kind gesture you can make and anybody can do it. Let’s call it the “thank you traffic wave.”

What is that you might ask? Well, picture that you are on your way home after a day’s work and your trying to pull into traffic on a congested roadway. Traffic is crawling by, until one driver decides to stop and either blinks his lights or waves you in. Now as you pull into traffic, the kind and right thing to do is give him or her the thank you wave. Just stretch that arm right out. Let them know that the kindness did not go unappreciated. A hearty thumbs-up is also acceptable. Because have you ever been the one who lets a driver into traffic only to be snubbed? You have been robbed of the thank you traffic wave. And you think, “Gee, your welcome.”

We’re not asking for you to jump out of your car, run up and give us a pat on the back. That would be dangerous, foolish and just a bit creepy. Nor, are we asking for a thank-you text. Again that would be dangerous and would be against the law if that it was a primary offense in Florida, but that’s another conversation for another time.

You feel good when you get the thank you wave. Like, you just did your good deed for the day. And who knows, maybe that driver had a rotten day and that was the first nice experience they had all day. We’ve all been there.

As a matter of fact, if it hasn’t already been established, we should have a Thank You Traffic Wave Day. Image the viral videos we might see! It could start a wave to world peace! Well, maybe that’s a reach, but we could always use more kindness in the world.

At the end of the day, it’s just common courtesy. Like holding the door for someone behind you when you are entering or leaving a business or any other public place.

We’re not asking for special traffic wave state legislation or it to be a requirement to get your driver’s license. The thank you traffic wave is universal – sort of an unwritten rule. There is no reason not to give one, unless you are driving in your car on the way to the hospital and your wife is sitting next to you about to give birth. OK, then you get a pass.

So remember the next time you are in your car, the thank you traffic wave can be a nice stocking stuffer for someone this holiday season. Safe travels Osceola County!

 Brian McBride is the editor of the Osceola News-Gazette.