A St. Cloud police officer has resigned from the force after he was charged with driving under the influence and accused of crashing into other vehicles with his department-issued SUV.

On March 13, Tim Warren, 52, was observed in the driver’s seat at the time of a traffic crash near the intersection of Partin Settlement Road and U.S. Highway 192, according to a Florida Highway Patrol report.

Warren joined the St. Cloud Police Department in September 2010, and had received the department’s Chief’s Award of Excellence last year.

He has since resigned, St. Cloud police officials said.

When first responders and citizens attempted to see if Warren was injured, he refused to exit the vehicle and had to be removed by Osceola County Fire Rescue personnel, the report stated.

One witness said Warren’s car was “driving recklessly” toward U.S. Highway 192 prior to this traffic crash, and the citizen called 911 to report his vehicle’s driving pattern.

The witness then saw Warren fail to slow or stop when he approached stopped traffic at U.S. 192 where he impacted another car at about 30 mph, the report said.

When officials with the Florida Highway Patrol asked Warren about an opened alcoholic beverage inside of the vehicle, he reportedly told troopers that he did not know how it ended up there.

There weren’t any injuries in the crash, but Warren was taken to Osceola Regional Medical Center for evaluation.

A deputy with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office rode in the ambulance with Warren after he initially became aggressive, and was removing medical equipment from his body and “throwing it on the ground,” the report stated.

According to the deputy, Warren stumbled and had to balance himself on the wall. Later, when hospital staff asked for Warren’s identification, the St. Cloud officer allegedly kept missing his pocket and hit the bed rail instead.

When troopers arrived at the hospital, they immediately noticed “the distinct smell of an alcoholic beverage” on his face and mouth, according to the report.

Warren had bloodshot and watery eyes, and spoke with a distinct slur, the trooper noted.

When deputies began questioning Warren at the hospital, the police officer acknowledged he was in a traffic crash, but couldn’t remember on what road it happened.

Warren said he was on his way home from shift when the crash happened.

When the field sobriety test was administered in the hospital parking lot, deputies observed Warren swaying back and forth as he stood. He ultimately failed multiple sobriety tests.

Warren blew a .247 on a Breathalyzer test about three hours after the crash, according to the report. That is more than three times over the Florida legal limit of .08.

He was then taken to the Osceola County Jail and booked around 1:45 a.m.

Warren bonded out March 14, according to jail records.