St. Cloud Fire Rescue outfits all firefighters with ballistic vests

In keeping up with the recent National Fire Protection Association’s recommendations, St. Cloud Fire Rescue has issued ballistic vests to all of its firefighters.

The ballistic vests will now be used for protection when crews are called to assist on violent or potentially violent incidents.

“It is our job to help keep the community and St. Cloud residents safe. By adding these ballistic vests our crews will be even more protected when they’re out in the field. Making sure my crews get back home safely after every shift is one of my top priorities,” said St. Cloud Fire Chief Joe Silvestris.

Due to the increase of active shooter incidents across the nation, the NFPA developed standard NFPA 3000: Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER). This standard was developed to protect firefighters when responding to violent situations.