With a recent Stand Your Ground case in the Florida headlines, the News-Gazette recently asked residents what they though of the law – and a majority supported it.

In a recent Sound Off Osceola question posted on the News-Gazette Facebook page, the newspaper asked, “Do you agree with Florida’s Stand Your Ground law?”

“Yes, with the influx of indesirable (sic) in our County you better believe that I’m going to protect my property and my family to the best of my ability,” one reply stated.

According to published reports, Michael Drejka, 47, was charged with manslaughter in the July 19 death of 28-year-old Markeis McGlockton during a dispute over a handicapped parking spot at a convenience store in Clearwater.

McGlockton, 28, of Clearwater, shoved Drejka to the ground, and then was shot and killed when Drejka, from a sitting position, pulled out a gun he legally owned and opened fire. McGlockton was shot once in the chest.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gulatieri at first said the “Stand Your Ground” prevented him from arresting Drejka, published reports said.

“Yes, too many idiots out there. You need to protect yourself and family,” another person wrote, supporting the law.

Another person wrote, “Yes 100 percent. If followed correctly and not used as someone being trigger happy and try to use stand your ground in a negative way.”

But a few responses were against the law.

“No, this isn’t the wild west. I don’t need to shoot people on my property or anywhere else. I have other non lethal ways to stop people,” one answer stated.

Several others just answered, “No.”

But according to all the responses on the Facebook page, a majority supported the law.

“If used correctly and not abused, yes,” one post stated.

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