Should recreational pot be legal? Pollsters say ‘yes’

Currently, recreational marijuana is legal in 10 states.

Should Florida be one soon?

According to a recent poll on our Facebook page, a majority of people who weighed in believed it should.

A joint resolution recently introduced in the Florida Senate would add a new section to the Florida Constitution to establish the right “to possess, use and cultivate cannabis.”

The resolution was introduced by Sen. Randolph Bracy (D-Orlando). If approved by lawmakers, the question would go before voters in the 2020 general election.

Medical marijuana was approved by voters in 2016. But recreational use? Some of the pollsters said it could be added tax revenue and lessen the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs.

Here are some replies to our Facebook poll:

• “100% yes. Who am I to tell someone what they can and can not put in there body, so long as it does not affect the freedoms and liberty of someone else?”

• “Yes. Alcohol is worse. Responsible adults should have their own choice.”

• “Yes, look at the states that have already legalized it for recreational use. Less people in the jail system and less crime. Plus the benefits outway any reason •why it is illegal.”

• “It would be great for the economy. Taxes earmarked for schools & educators, infrastructure, etc. Will turn things around!”

• “Yes! It’s much better then addictive pharmaceuticals!!!”

• “Yes, tax it and use it to fund our schools.”

No to legalization

But a handful of people disagreed with legalizing the drug. They said:

• “People have a hard enough time driving in Osceola County as it is, imagine if everyone was stoned.”

• “Almost every state that has legalized it has had an increase in the cost for rent. In Colorado, rent increased by 33% afterward. Some landlords will not allow it to be grown nor smoked on their property. If we think we have a large homeless population now, wait till it is legalized for all.”

• “No, unless it’s tax to the hilt it’s just another drug.”

• “No for recreational use!”

• “No!”

More merits

But more people saw more merits to legalization, the poll showed.

• “I would vote yes and I hope it’s passed!! Cannabis is nothing at all like tobacco or alcohol! You cannot die from smoking or ingesting cannabis. You cannot overdose on cannabis. It is not addictive like tobacco or alcohol.”

• “Yes, alcohol is much more harmful and dangerous, and Florida could benefit greatly from the taxes that it would bring in.”

• “So many folks with pain, it has the ability to replace and/or lessen the need for opiods. So many positives.”

• “Yes! I have seen so many people hooked badly on pain pills, big pharmaceutical are killing us because of greed.”

• “Yes! People will be more relaxed.”

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