Sheriff Office arrest 67 noncompliant sexual predators and sexual offenders in operation

In a joint operation with federal and state law enforcement agencies, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office arrested 67 sexual offenders and predators for noncompliance.

The seventh-month compliance operation, which was titled Parking Lot Party, was funded by the Unites States Marshals Office and ran from Jan. 31 to Aug. 31. It was designed to verify the compliance of the 550 registered sexual offender and predators in the area.

With the help of the Unites States Marshals Service Deputies, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Inspectors and State Probation and Parole, Osceola County sex offender detectives conducted proactive investigations to determine if the targeted individuals had reported their residency status, employment, email and social media accounts, campus activity, professional licenses, vehicles and vessels owned and travel information over 72 hours. Sixty seven sexual offenders and predators were arrested for non-compliance.

“The operation was successful in assisting the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in accomplishing and meeting the goals of enforcing state, local and federal laws for non-compliant sexual offender/predators, ultimately making Osceola County communities safer,” said Sheriff’s Office Maj. Jacob Ruiz in a press release.

The operation resulted in three cases that violated the Adam Walsh Act requirement to register after crossing state lines. Those individuals will be prosecuted in federal court.

The law enforcement officers involved not only charged the subjects with the failure to register violations, but conducted 957 address verifications throughout the county with the assistance of the Kissimmee Police Department, St. Cloud Police Department and State Probation and Parole, Sheriff’s Office officials said.

The pubic is asked to contact the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Unit at 321-697-4416 or 321-697-4371 for any sexual offender or sexual predator questions or for additional information.

Osceola residents can search their neighborhood for sexual offenders or sexual predators at or download the Osceola County Sheriffs’ Office application and select the sex offenders icon.