Sections of Hoagland Boulevard will be renamed Hanger Road, Jack Calhoun Drive

Sections of Hoagland Boulevard in Kissimmee are set to receive new names as Osceola County progresses on its multi-million dollar roadwork project.

Osceola County began construction Oct. 15 on improvements to Hoagland Boulevard, an approximately $38.2 million project that, when complete, is said to provide motorists with a quicker and more efficient travel route between John Young Parkway and 5th Street.

The name changes come about three months after Osceola County commissioners approved the second phase of the project in March.

Hanger Road is the new name for the first section of this Hoagland re-alignment effort stretching about 0.6 miles. It will begin at the intersection of 5th Street and South Hoagland Boulevard and run to the corner of South Hoagland Boulevard and American Way.

The second section begins at what will be South Hoagland Boulevard and run to the proposed traffic signal south of Pleasant Hill Elementary and north of Shingle Creek. It will be renamed Jack Calhoun Drive.

The new realignment of South Hoagland Boulevard will run from North Hoagland Boulevard to John Young Parkway, impacting a portion of Pleasant Hill Road.

A town hall meeting with residents and County Commissioner Peggy Choudhry was held May 16,

and certified letters were mailed out to the approximately 125 residents and businesses that will be impacted by the decision, according to Monday’s agenda.  

Choudhry said the town hall had a democratic atmosphere, with residents tossing out name suggestions before others raised hands in support or voiced opposition.

The 30 or so people who showed up to last month’s meeting had agreed that the first section should have an airport-themed name, since the realignment will be somewhat near Kissimmee Gateway Airport. Most residents were in favor of Runway Road, though the county ultimately chose Hangar Road.

The second section was named for Jack Calhoun, a long-time Osceola County resident who passed away in 2017. Calhoun founded a luxury tour bus company called Florida Coach that sits on a seven-acre site in that area and employs about 70 people.

There is already a street named Calhoun in Osceola County.

But Denise Wilson with the Sheriff’s Office’s 911 Addressing Department said by adding “Jack” to the new street name, emergency response won’t be affected.

No residents provided comment when the renaming was discussed toward the end of Monday night’s lengthy four-hour plus meeting, though property owner Caroline Chalifoux spoke during public comment at the beginning of the evening.

She agreed with the two road renamings approved by the county but questioned why Pleasant Hill Road was being changed from U.S. Highway 17-92 to where it veers near Old Tampa Highway.

“There’s no public input on that,” Chalifoux said. “It’s just part of the Hoagland realignment, so I don’t get it.”

The county plans to spend $2,400 for the road renaming process, according to Monday’s agenda.

Another notice will be mailed out so residents know the changes were approved this week.  

Changes will now go into effect in 30 days.