School District to open 2 new schools next week

The Osceola County School District will officially open two new schools next week: NeoCity Academy, Florida’s first net-zero energy K-12 public school, and Harmony Middle School.

Osceola County School Board members and Superintendent Debra Pace will hold ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the two new school campuses, which will open their doors for the start of school Aug. 12.

The ribbon cutting for NeoCity Academy will be Tuesday, Aug. 6, at 2 p.m. NeoCity Academy is located at 195 NeoCity Way in Kissimmee.

The ribbon cutting for Harmony Middle School will be Thursday, Aug. 8, at 3:30 p.m. Harmony Middle is located at 3725 Arthur J. Gallagher Blvd. in St. Cloud.

NeoCity Academy

NeoCity Academy is Florida’s first net-zero energy K-12 public school located in the high-tech corridor of NeoCity.  Expected to change the trajectory of Osceola County, this public STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) high school focuses on providing students with a 21st Century immersive learning environment in the areas of advanced manufacturing/engineering, biomedical engineering, and cybersecurity that offers flexibility and project/inquiry-based learning concepts, according to a School District press release.

Other highlights include:

 The school was completed within cost per student station.

 The school will use 76 percent less energy than a regular school, with savings expected to be over $115,000 a year on energy costs. It will generate more power than it consumes on an annual bases. The roof of NeoCity Academy hosts 650 self-ballasted solar panels that will lead to 228kW of energy production.

 Student performance enhancement features include air purification technology, enhanced lighting, natural daylighting, collaboration laboratories and break-out spaces.

 The building is designed to be used as a teaching tool and allows for instruction to be delivered in new and innovative ways.

 In lieu of a kitchen/cafeteria, the school incorporates a more innovative food cantina truck that reduces operational costs.

Harmony Middle School

 This new middle school campus has 1,408 student stations, and it incorporates collaborative learning flex spaces. These spaces have flexible furniture and 21st Century technology to encourage education and collaboration in break-out spaces.  The school also features hands-on learning in numerous career and technical education labs: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) Lab, an agricultural lab, business computer lab, a public safety classroom, and a family and consumer sciences classroom.  The site design minimized impacts to the existing wetlands on site, and incorporates the Harmony Community bike path to connect the school to the community.