Kissimmee joins NextDoor to keep residents informed

The city of Kissimmee is now publishing regular content on a private social network site as another tool to communicate with residents about what’s going on in their community.

The website, NextDoor, is a social platform designed around neighborhoods. According to Kissimmee Public Information Officer Melissa Zayes-Moreno, it’s an ideal way for local government to relay information about public safety, sanitation schedules, community events, construction projects, road closures and more.

“The benefit for us is that it will allow us to target content directly to Nextdoor accounts within Kissimmee, and even to specific neighborhoods within our city,” Zayes-Moreno said.

For residents, NextDoor is a way to stay in tune with what’s happening in the area without wading through random social media posts. A user can simply log-on, see what’s new and know that the content is correct and up to date, said Zayas-Moreno.

In other words, it helps eliminate the social media white noise, so people can get information quickly and easily.

Departments within the city, including the police and fire departments, are regularly posting on the site, allowing users to access all city-related information in one place, instead of following several different accounts on Facebook or Twitter.

NextDoor is the city’s latest addition to a growing social media presence. Kissimmee government also has accounts on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Nextdoor is a privately held company based in San Francisco that promotes itself as the world’s largest private communication platform for neighborhoods. According to its website, residents who create a free account on NextDoor can:

• Find a babysitter or recommended a house painter.

• Spread the word about a lost dog.

• Organize a neighborhood watch group.

• Share information during a natural disaster.

• Receive information from local public agencies.

• Find a new home for items like bicycles and TVs.

For more information on how to join the city of Kissimmee page, visit