Kissimmee ice cream shop opens second location at Florida Mall

John Gramley, owner of the Kissimmee ice cream shop Abracadabra, opened his second store at the Florida Mall.

Downtown Kissimmee staple Abracadabra Ice Cream is now offering its tasty treats and flashy presentation to shoppers at the Florida Mall in Orlando after opening its second-ever location Monday.

The local eatery on Main Street opened in 2012 and is known for using liquid nitrogen to flash freeze ice cream creations made to order. Steel bowls used to mix ingredients can reach temperatures more than 200 degrees below zero, creating a “magical” looking cloud in the process.

Its owner, John Gramley, took over the flash-freeze ice cream shop several years ago and expanded its menu offerings to include more flavors and food items like Philly cheesesteaks.

Abracadabra is also known for its bounce houses in a backyard setting, arcade games and family-friendly atmosphere.

But Gramley has been looking to expand his business for years.  

After prior attempts to open new locations fell through, Gramley decided to partner with an old high school friend and fellow business owner, Noel Lacsamana, who owns and operates Chibis Boba Tea inside the Florida Mall.

It’s a prime location, right across from Crayola Experience. Gramley said he loves the spot because a large, free indoor playground is right outside the door – mimicking Abracadabra’s well-known play area in Kissimmee.

“That was important to me because I’ve always loved being able to give parents a place to sit down and enjoy their ice cream while the kids run around in a safe area to burn off some of that sugar,” Gramley said with a laugh.

He’s also excited about the foot traffic he hopes the new location will bring, with more curious visitors and tourists likely to stop in to partake in the liquid nitrogen novelty experience.

Abracadabra also debuted a new look last month with a redesigned logo suggested by Gramley’s wife.  

“The old one was kind of cheesy,” the owner admitted. “I think this one stands out more and looks more modern.”

A couple employees from the original location have been transferred to the Florida Mall, but no new hires, Gramley said.

Abracadabra’s food menu won’t be traveling to the new store in Orange County, though Chibis Boba features some light options like sandwiches that patrons can buy. Offering full food service at both restaurants just wasn’t practical right now, said the owner.

Abracadabra is still setting in to its new location, but Gramley hasn’t ruled out the possibility of future expansions at places like the airport or near Disney Springs.

“But we want to see how this goes first,” he said. “Then we can take it from there.”