SHELTER INFORMATIONMany General population shelters open today at Noon which include; St Cloud high, Horizon high, Kissimmee middle school (this is also a pet friendly shelter) also counseling on aging is open for special needs only if you have questions on special needs call 407-742-9001. There is Sex Offenders only shelter at County's Beaumont Street Facility
ADDITIONAL SHELTERS  Opened today at 4 p.m.; Liberty High, Celebration High, Kenansville Community Center and Harmony High, (this will also be a pet friendly shelter) For updates on shelter hours, locations, addresses, and what to bring with you please call 407-742-0000.
TRASH PICK UP INFORMATION : Today was regular pick up however Tuesday and Wednesday has been suspended for Trash services till further notice. 
SCHOOL INFORMATION: Osceola County Public schools closed Tuesday and Wednesday updates will continue to be provided by school district. feel free to contact citizens line at 407-742-0000
CURFEW INFORMATIONYES there is a curfew for Osceola County which begins on Tuesday at 11 p.m. until 6 a.m. You can be fined and/or arrested if you are out at that time. If you are assigned to work then you may be part of the exception below, but contact deputies at the citizens line for any questions regarding the curfew 407-742-0000.  
For those working in certain industries there are exemptions which includes: 
"Provision of fire, police, emergency and hospital services, medical patients, utility emergency repairs, local government employees providing emergency services, emergency calls by physicians, employees of businesses providing essential commodities and services e.g. food, water, accommodations, petroleum and utilities within the above curfew areas, are prohibited during curfew hours."
TOLL INFORMATION: tolls have been suspended till further notice.    
IMPORTANT: besides making sure you have all your important documentations with you or in a safe place. I recommend that you document your property by taking photos and videos of your property in and outside. It may come in handy if you have to show your insurance company.  
For more information login into:  keyword: Dorian 
Citizens line: 407-742-2000
Special needs: 407-742-9001
Alert Osceola: text Alertosceola to 888777
Alert Kissimmee: text Kissimmee to 888777