By Rachel Christian

Staff Writer

Six dogs displaced by Hurricane Maria are now available for adoption at the Osceola County Animal Services Shelter in St. Cloud.

Last week, the county received 14 dogs from an American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals emergency shelter on the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix.

A total of 95 animals were rescued and transported off the island, and distributed to four different animal shelters, including the one in Osceola County.

The St. Cloud animal shelter received the animals because it is an ASPCA partnership shelter.

Four of the animals are still undergoing treatment for health and behavioral issues, but the rest are currently available for adoption.

Four of the relocated dogs have already been adopted out.

The director of Osceola County Animal Services, Kim Staton, said she is unsure at this time whether the shelter will receive more animals in upcoming weeks.

Nearly 450 animals currently are being cared for at the ASPCA’s emergency shelter on St. Croix, which was established after the largest animal shelter on the island was severely damaged by the storm and forced to temporarily halt operations. According to Staton, employees from the ASPCA have been on the ground in St. Croix to conduct field rescues and provide daily care for displaced animals at the emergency shelter.

The newly arrived dogs come in different breeds and range in size from small to large. Staton said they share a major similarity to other animals currently at the shelter – they are all looking for a good home.

“They’re all super friendly and well adjusted animals,” Staton said. “They’re really not any different then the other dogs we have here,”

During the month of December, pet adoption fees are $12 at Orange, Osceola and Seminole county animal shelters as part of the fourth annual “Home for the Holidays” promotion.

For more information about the dogs displaced by Hurricane Maria, visit or call 407-742-8000.