Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently vetoed $965,000 designated in the budget for the firearms targeting system inside at Kissimmee’s Public Safety Training Center, which is under construction and expected to open in spring 2020.

“The new Public Safety Training Center is important for our residents, our officers, and members of law enforcement from around the region. We are going to work hard to make the necessary budget adjustments to ensure the project is completed on time,” said Mayor Jose Alvarez.

The city of Kissimmee Public Safety Training Center is a seven-acre site that will focus on the critical training components associated with Kissimmee police and fire safety responsibilities. This facility will include an indoor firearms range and will better position the Kissimmee Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to provide superior firearms and scenario-based training to enhance their ability to save the lives of the officers and the community.

The total project cost is $8.6 million, and will offer an improved learning environment necessary for law enforcement officers to meet the challenges they face every day. Upon its completion, the city of Kissimmee Public Safety Training Center will be dedicated to Sergeant Sam Howard and Officer Matthew Baxter, who were killed in the line of duty in 2017.

To learn more about the city of Kissimmee visit, www.kissimmee.org.