Mathematical errors were published in two recent Osceola News-Gazette articles regarding proposed health insurance increases for faculty and staff in the Osceola County School District.

Calculations to find yearly health insurance premium Increases were too low.

Figures provided by the school district are based on a 20-week pay scale, not a 12-month calendar.


In the article “Teachers may get raises, but at a cost published March 15,” the following corrections should be noted:

  • Local plus family plans are still set to increase by 52 percent, but from $670 to $1018 a month, not $402 to $611 a month.
  • This means an employee would take home $4,180 less a year, not $2,508 less.
  • The district will contribute $119.30 less per month, not $71, to basic single employee with children plans, and $223.80, not $134.30, less per month to basic family health insurance plans.

In the story “School employees stand to lose in proposed district ‘raises’” on March 17, the Osceola News-Gazette acknowledges the following corrections:

  • School district employees Heather and Steven Rish stand to pay $2,380, not $1,428, more a year in combined monthly premium increases.
  • According to the School Board salary and benefits negotiation proposal, staff could pay $2,560, not $1,536, more per year for health insurance if they have a spouse on their plan, and $4,440, not $2,664, more for the family plan under the wellness local plus, the district’s most popular health insurance option.
  • Those enrolled in the employee-only Wellness Local Plus plan would begin paying $41.60, not $25, a month, or $500, not $300 a year, for healthcare coverage.
  • Employee-child yearly premiums are poised to rise $1,880, not $1,128, under the Wellness Local Plus plan.