Suspect bludgeons victim’s head

By Brian McBride


A suspect arrested for a March 14 Kissimmee attacked the victim so viciously that his head was left crushed and unrecognizable, according to a police report.

Angel Luis Olmeda Rivera, 44, currently sits in the Osceola County Jail after he was charged with first-degree murder of the victim, who has yet to be identified.

According to a Kissimmee Police Department report, officers responded to Cheo Auto Repair, 410 E. Donegan Ave. at about 8:40 a.m., where they found the victim lying on his back near a Dumpster.

“It was immediately noticeable the victim’s head appeared to be totally missing and the only thing left in its place was a puddle of what appeared to be blood, brain matter and broken pieces of skull,” Police Det. Gary Johndro wrote in the report.

Three cars that were parked around the victim had, what appeared to be, brain matter and blood sprayed on them.

“It appeared the head of the body had been beaten so violently and repeatedly, that numerous pieces of it had flown off during the attack and had been flung all over the area,” Johndro wrote.

A wooden board that was several feet long was found near the victim with blood splatter on it. Pieces of a vacuum cleaner also were found. Both items appeared to be used to beat and kill the victim, the report stated.

Video surveillance from the auto repair shop shows Rivera, at about 3:15 a.m., attack the victim near the Dumpster with punches and kicks. He then stomps on the victim and uses the items to beat the man. After relentlessly attacking the man, Rivera is seen leaving, but then returns to the area and begins attacking the victim again, according to video surveillance.

Rivera leaves, but returns a third time and beats the victim for several more minutes.

After Rivera was identified by law enforcement officials through video surveillance, he was located by an Osceola County Sheriff’s Office deputy on March 17 and placed under arrest for property crimes. He had damaged some cars at another auto shop before the murder, according to the report.

Rivera was taken to the Kissimmee Police Department to be interviewed. After being read his Miranda rights, Rivera claimed to have health issues and could not remember the last few days, the report stated.

Johndro told Rivera that he severely injured someone and had committed murder.

“Angel looked at me, smiled and laughed at this. He did not appear shocked, remorseful or concerned with any of this information; instead he seemed amused by it,” Johndro wrote.

Johndro then ended the interview and Rivera was booked into the jail on no bond.