By Brian McBride


A 13-year-old Kissimmee youth was arrested and charged with aggravated stalking after he threatened a student and said he wanted to be the next school shooter, authorities said.

On Saturday, Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies took 13-year-old Ceasar Lopez of Kissimmee into custody under the Baker Act. Deputies charged him with aggravated stalking after he threatened to kill another Polk County teen, who attends Westside K-8 School in Osceola County, according to a Polk Sheriff’s Office report.

Lopez also made statements, such as “he wanted to die and see God”, “he wanted to shoot up Westside K-8 School because he wanted to be the next school shooter”, and “he wanted to kill a lot of kids,” according to the report.

He also stated that he wanted to kill different kids because they “snitched” on him and got him expelled from Westside K-8.

He had previously been expelled, taken into custody under the Baker Act, and charged with threatening a kid from Westside K-8 School because a kid “tried him,” the report stated.

Deputies also said the teen buried a handgun in his neighbor’s backyard because he didn’t want his mother to know he had one, but no gun was found.

“This teen is clearly in trouble. He’s had an affidavit filed in Osceola County for threatening to kill students, and he’s been Baker Acted by both OSCO (Osceola County Sheriff’s Office) and PCSO (Polk County Sheriff’s Office), said Polk Sheriff Grady Judd. “We hope he receives the treatment he needs to deal with his desires to hurt himself and others, but we have also placed him under arrest for felony aggravated stalking. We cannot allow anyone of any age to get away with criminal threats to kill, especially when they are aimed towards schoolchildren.”

The investigation began early on Saturday, when Lopez was found passed out drunk on the sidewalk in Davenport, the report stated. Polk Fire Rescue transported him to Heart of Florida Hospital, and deputies responded there to interview him. He told deputies he drank an entire bottle of liquor from his parents’ liquor cabinet and took a bunch of “happy pills.”

During a search of Lopez’s Playstation, detectives found images of the Parkland shooter and a picture of the Columbine High School shooting. During the investigation and interviews with other teens, detectives learned Lopez threatened to bring a knife to school and kill a Polk County teen.