Cold fronts to bring temperatures in the 70s

We are going to be partly cloudy, very warm and humid through Friday with about a 50 percent chance of showers each day, but a cold front will move through and drop our rain chances to 20 percent on Saturday. That will make it much cooler with a high temperature near 75.

We should warm back up into the low 80s by Veterans Day. I see another front coming around the middle of next week that will drop our highs into the 70s once again. Rainfall for the month of October averaged 4 to 5 inches across the county, which is about an inch above normal.

November is usually drier with an average of 2.24. Now that we are back on standard time, it gets dark right after 6 p.m. But we start getting daylight about 10 minutes before 6 a.m. We are moving toward a full moon on the Nov. 12, so this week you are seeing a half moon in the southern sky after dark, and Jupiter and Saturn low in the southwestern sky.

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