Choudhry tries to secure funding for Intercession City community center

There is no community center in district 1, according to its county commissioner, Peggy Choudhry.

She said she wants to see one built in Intercession City, a sparsely populated community north of Poinciana.

“Intercession City is under served and they deserve a place like this,” Choudhry said.

So, on Monday, the commissioner asked fellow board members if money from an upcoming land sale could be earmarked for the project.

A small medical clinic building along U.S. Highway 192 was foreclosed on due to outstanding code enforcement issues, and the property is now up for sale.

The less than half-acre lot is expected to fetch at least $250,000 since the real estate sits right along Kissimmee’s tourism corridor.

Choudhry said money from that sale could be used to build a community center next to the old Intercession City fire station. The county currently owns that vacant property, too, but doesn’t have plans to sell it.  

“The citizens out there have definitely been requesting more assistance,” Choudhry said at Monday’s meeting. “So I was hoping to earmark that sale for Intercession City.”

The money is even more important because Intercession City doesn’t receive Community Development Building Grant (CDBG) funds. Those funds are awarded based on population and median income, and since Intercession City is in the same jurisdiction as Celebration – a much more affluent community - it never qualifies for CDGB, Choudhry said.

But Choudhry’s fellow commissioners seemed hesitant to earmark the sale money for a community center.

“These could be general fund opportunities that could be spread across the board for a multitude of things,” said County Commissioner Brandon Arrington. “I would just hate to see us jump the process on other items or repairs.”

County commissioners ultimately told Choudhry to wait until the land is sold and bring back information so the board can decide what to do next.

“I wanted to keep the money in district one where it’s needed,” Choudhry said after the meeting. “I didn’t want to see it go to the general fund, where it’s hard to track. But we will see.”