Backbone of the city of Kissimmee: A look at Public Works & Engineering

Public Works and Engineering is the biggest department in the city of Kissimmee.

Public Works & Engineering is the largest department in the city of Kissimmee with seven divisions that include streets, sanitation, stormwater, vehicle maintenance, engineering, traffic and building maintenance.


The Sanitation Division provides collection to more than 14,000 customers at all single-family residences and small commercial locations in Kissimmee.

  It’s a $4 million operation funded mostly by monthly sanitation and franchise fees.

 Sanitation consists of five drivers, five mechanics and five administrative staff members.

 Sanitation is home to the country’s only underground trash collection system, which uses a special truck to collect waste.


The Stormwater Division maintains man-made structures that collect, convey, hold, divert or discharge stormwater.

 This includes sewers, canals, ditches, culverts, detention and retention structures.

 The Stormwater Division takes care of what goes on underneath manholes to keep pipe drainage open through the underground system.

 The ditch and pond maintenance crew uses heavy equipment to remove sediment from 76 ponds and miles of ditches.


The Street Division oversees cutting grass, picking up trash and performing other maintenance on city-owned right of ways, end caps and other areas. They’re also charged with cutting grass after code enforcement is called on delinquent property.

 The Street Division includes an asphalt, sidewalk, general maintenance, streetscape teams and a tree crew.

 A patch crew is responsible for repairing potholes along 376 miles of city streets and the sidewalk crew maintains 184 miles.


 The Traffic Division oversees traffic and street signs, street and parking lot striping.

 It conducts traffic counts and sets out traffic control devices for special events, along with other functions.


Fleet Maintenance services Kissimmee’s fleet of cars, heavy equipment, sanitation trucks, police cruisers and parks/ball field equipment.

 It oversees about 1,300 vehicles total.


The Engineering Division consists of engineers, designers, construction plan reviewers and inspectors.

Some recent projects in the engineering division include the widening of Oak Street, Shingle Creek Trail improvements and the John Young Parkway overpass bridge.

The division also handles right-of-way, driveway and sidewalk permits.

People to knowin Public Works & Engineering

Kerrith Fiddler, director of Public works & Engineering

Kerrith Fiddler is the director of Public Works & Engineering.  He supervises 105 employees and manages a budget of over $20 million.  He has served in his current role with the city for about four years, and formerly worked as assistant public works director in North Miami.

Jody Kirkendall, superintendent of the Sanitation Division

Jody Kirkendall is the superintendent of the Sanitation Division. He  is a native Kissimmee resident who has worked for the city for 26 years. He began working for Public Works in high school, when he operated a weed-eater on the street team.

Martyn Somers, superintendent of the Traffic Division

Martyn Somers is the superintendent of the Traffic Division. He is the longest-serving city employee with 42 years of service. There were six traffic signals maintained by his division when he began and now there are over 200. Somers has lived in Kissimmee since 1957, and has been the traffic superintendent for over 25 years.