Amid accusations of financial mismanagement and a lack of transparency, the Osceola County Commission is creating a citizens’ budget advisory committee to provide recommendations for the upcoming fiscal year.

The idea was brought forth by Commissioner Fred Hawkins Jr. last week, and more finalized plans were discussed Monday.

“We thought this was a simple structure, and one that’s fair,” Hawkins said.

Here’s an overview of what the new group will look like.

The members

• There will be five members, one from each district in unincorporated Osceola County.

• Each county commissioner will appoint one resident.

How to get on the board

• There’s no formal application process, so those who are interested should reach out to their commissioner directly.

• Citizens must have established residency or business ownership within that district for at least one year.

• Commissioners may make recommendations for their pick as soon as Monday, so contact board members this week if interested.

Other ways to participate

• Residents who are not part of the five-person advisory board but who are still interested in learning more about Osceola County’s budget are welcome to attend the meetings.

What the board will do

• There will be a minimum of four meetings, about two hours each set between July 16 and Aug. 5.

• Citizens will look over the proposed fiscal year 2020 budget with county staff and the county manager.

• Final recommendations would be sent to the County Commission by Aug. 9.