Advanced Disposal begins delivery of new garbage and recycling carts

 Advanced Disposal and their cart partner, Rehrig Pacific Company, have begun the distribution of the new garbage and recycling carts, and the deliveries will continue through September.

Each resident will be receiving one (1) tan garbage cart with a tan lid and one (1) tan recycling cart with a blue lid.  

Along with the carts, will be an informational packet containing important information regarding the new services.  

Advanced Disposal is working closely with Osceola County to ensure that the transition to the new services is as seamless as possible.

If you don’t immediately see your new carts, do not be alarmed. They will arrive before the Oct. 1 start date. Keep in mind that although you are receiving new carts, they cannot be used until your first day of collection in October. Therefore, continue to use your current recycle carts through the end of September, at which time our current provider will pick them up.

Advanced Disposal will begin providing curbside collection services to the residents of Osceola County on Oct. 1, and collection schedules will be mailed to residents in September.  

 For more information, updates on the service start and to sign up for service alerts, visit or contact the Osceola County Solid Waste hotline at 407-742-7765.