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National survey honors School District for pioneering uses of technology

Posted on Monday, April 3, 2017 at 1:20 pm

Through its annual Digital School Districts Survey, the Center for Digital Education has named the Osceola School District in the top five school districts in the nation in the large student population category for exemplary use of technology and for investing in tools for next-generation digital learners.

Top-10 rankings were awarded to school boards/districts that most fully implement technology benchmarks in the evolution of digital education.

“This ranking is validation that the Osceola School District continues to successfully integrate technology for innovative curriculum and improved student learning,” said Superintendent Debra Pace.  “Technology remains an essential tool for our school district’s continued improvement efforts as the district moves from good to great.”

According to an Osceola School District press release, the Osceola County School Board believes utilizing technology in the classroom is paramount to preparing students for college and careers. The district was recognized for numerous initiatives, including:

  • The deployment of laptops totaling a $1.2 million investment this year to support state testing and student success.
  • The upgrade of 12 remaining schools to high-capacity wireless this school year.
  • The successful implementation of all online student assessments across the district with minimal issues.
  • The creation and implementation of the only award-winning K-12 STEM Mobile Lab in the nation.