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Midici celebrates one year

Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 10:37 am

By Pete Covino
For the News-Gazette

A very happy first birthday to Midici, the Neapolitan Pizza Company.

The Kissimmee location (the casual Italian restaurant has been expanding rapidly since it first came to Osceola County) recently invited media guests for a tasting event, and based on my previous visits, this was one of those  opportunities that just could not be missed.

If you have not  been yet, you definitely need to stop by for lunch or dinner. Just about everything, from meat to cheeses, is imported from Italy.  Ordering a platter is like going to a real Italian deli, except you don’t have to order by the pound and you get to experience several different taste sensations, all on one plate.

Of course the pizza is outstanding, all made with high quality Italian ingredients like prosciutto, ricotta, mozzarella and more, but you really need to indulge at Midici and start off with a cheese or meat board, or maybe both.

The house meat board includes prosciutto, Calabrese salami, Neapolitan salami, rosemary ham, served up with mustard and kalamata olives. Note: That really is a live olive tree decorated with lights near the front entrance.

The house cheese board  features black truffle cheese, fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, gorgonzola, parmiagiano-reggiano, served with dried appricots, dates, walnuts and honey.

Both boards are $9.50 each.

Other not-to-miss apps include Burata Caprese, feature burrata (soft cheese), arugula, grape tomatoes, Italian vinaigrette dressing, housemade pesto and extra virgin olive oil. It’s $7.50.

You can also try the burrata with melon and prosciutto, $9.50.

If you can’t decide between the meat or cheese board, not to worry. Midici has got you covered. You can get the combination plate, which serves up pretty much every all on one plate for $15.50, and it serves two.

Order the combo board, and share two pizzas, and save a few thousand dollars and not  go to Italy this summer.,

There are more than 20 pizzas on the menu, including classic Neapolitan style (The  ubiquitous Margherita, as well as white, house pesto, truffle and red marinara pizzas). Neapolitan style is light and thin, and here they always include non-gmo Neopolitan flour, water, sea salt and yeast.

If you are feeling more like Frank Sinatra or Sophia Loren, and want something more exotic, the specialty pizzas can include everything  from truffle cream, beef meatballs, gorgonzola, housemade pesto and so much more.

Neapolitan pizzas are in the $6.50-$7.50 range, while specialty pizzas range in price from $9-$13. And everything is cooked in the restaurant’s Italian ovens.

Elsewhere on the menu, Midici has some very nice salads (walnut & gorgonzola, Greek, purple kale & ricotta) priced at about $7 to $9.

And you definitely have to finish the evening with something from the Italian coffee bar (espresso, cappuccino, etc.). If you can save some room for dessert, the Nutella Calzone is a classic or get really buzzed with the decadent Affogato (Italian vanilla bean gelato, drowing in expresso.

A date night at Midici (two pizzas, coffee and share the meat and cheese board combo) will cost about $40-$45.  It’s practically a fine dining experience, but at a more casual kind of price. Beer and wine also is available.

Ordering at Midici is done at the open kitchen. Your pizza and more will be brought to your table. Service has also always been first-rate during my visits.

Midici is located at 720 Centerview Blvd. Call 407-201-3824 for  more information.