Wild Florida announces the largest expansion in history with safari park

Wild Florida Airboats and Gator Park has announced that it’s creating a massive new addition to its facility - a drive-through safari park. Wild Florida acquired the 75-acre plot of land adjacent to their Gator and Wildlife Park in August 2018 and plans to build a drive-through safari park that will be open to the public summer 2019.

The drive-through safari park will be on a 75-acre plot of land with gravel paths. Guests can choose to drive their personal cars or ride on a guided swamp buggy tour through the park.

Inside the drive-through park, guests will be able to see more than 100 exotic animals and native Florida wildlife like white-tailed deer, wild boar, cracker cows, zebras, watusi, and giraffes to name a few. Wild Florida will also build a massive pond inside the drive-through safari park dedicated exclusively as a home for all “nuisance” alligators, trapped by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) SNAP program, that would otherwise be euthanized due to their loss of natural fear of humans. Wild Florida will take any size alligator trapped by FWC and give them a wonderful natural habitat to live out their lives.

Additionally, Wild Florida plans to construct a worldclass zipline through the safari park that spans across untouched cypress swamps, animal exhibits and scenic landscapes. Also, the original gift shop at Wild Florida will undergo a major renovation that includes a second story addition and doubling the floor space. With all activities in close proximity, guests can easily drive through the safari park, tour the Gator and Wildlife Park on foot, experience an animal encounter, dine at the Chomp House Grill or take an airboat ride. One of the drive-through safari park’s biggest benefits is that it will give visitors the opportunity to learn more about these animals from the comfort and convenience of their car.

“Our team has dreamt about doing this for years, and we’re excited for construction to begin,” said Ranier Munns, co-owner of Wild Florida. “Florida summers can be brutally hot, so we’re excited to offer guests a new way to explore the beauty of natural Florida and learn about different wildlife all from their air conditioned car.”

Admission to Wild Florida’s Gator and Wildlife Park is $10 for adults; Florida residents receive a 50 percent discount year-round. Admission to the park is free for any guest who purchases a Wild Florida airboat tour or animal encounter. Learn more about Wild Florida’s offerings at WildFL.com.