With hurricane season having started June 1, the Osceola News-Gazette wanted to know what your experience with hurricanes were.

On our Facebook page, we asked: With hurricane season here, tell us if you have ever experienced being in a hurricane? Which one and what do you remember most about it?

Most responses revolved around the trifecta of Hurricanes Charley, Frances and Jeanne in 2004. Here are just some of the responses that readers posted:

 “Hurricane Charley, Jean and Frances 2004.... we had myself, husband and 3 kids in a hallway closet with a twin mattress over our heads during Charlie. It was the scariest thing I have ever been through. We lived in Kissimmee and it came straight through. My parents had a house in Poinciana that sustained damage. When Frances came, we all left and went to Tennessee, I couldn’t do it again.”

 “2004 Hurricane trifecta found me sitting quietly with my dogs. I had a florescent emergency lantern, bottle of wine, tin of cashews and a book of crossword puzzles. When the eye passed over, my neighbor tried to bring me to their house but I wouldn’t leave my pups. It was very noisy, lost five trees, but we just hunkered down and waited it out. Neighbors came with machetes and cleared my downed oak so I could get out of garage. Still live alone and neighborhood has changed a bit, but believe we will pull together again if needed.”

 “Bought our first home in Poinciana in March of 2004 for $75,000 in a foreclosure. After Charley, Frances and finally Jeanne came through, by October 2004 we had an Insurance claim of a little over $60,000. Charley was my first and we didn’t prepare our house and watched the whole thing transpire through my sliding doors. When the winds took our 30-foot oak by the roots and laid it down...I realized the strength of a hurricane. When Jeanne hit was when we lost our kitchen. My husband held up the cabinets as we emptied them standing in about 3 inches of water. It took my husband and I until Thanksgiving 2006 to have our home back to normal. We still live here today.”

 “My earliest memory was of Charley. My husband was out of town on business when I called and told him. We had 5 kids and many other children had spent the night that night. The night seemed like it lasted forever. We were told not to worry that a hurricane would never come to Central Florida. We were reminded the eye would be calm and pass over and then the final bands of winds were still to come. The children and I were fearless and coped as best as we could. The next morning at the crack of light we could see the trees down and around our home. We originally had over 135 trees and we lost at least 100, some of them were just beautiful oaks.”

 “My first ever was here in Kissimmee 2 years ago. I was freaking out. My family has been here for more than 15 years, so they did see a really bad one I think in 2004? As a flight attendant, I was never near the hurricanes. Until it got me on 2017. They were laughing at me saying, ‘This is nothing.’ I do not want to see another one. Thank God, We never lose any Power. But, thanks to you, I was ready with everything that needs it. Batteries, flashlights, back-up power batteries and most of all, a battery operated weather radio and first aid kit and your meds. Oh, and water.”

 “Hurricane Charley, Arcadia Fl. You could feel the walls breathing, our ears popping. The fear of not knowing what the different noises were. The total devastation afterwards. I wasn’t expecting the trees to just be naked!”

 “A lot. First one that I remember was Eloise in 1975 on the Florida Panhandle.”

 “Katrina. Gulfport, Mississippi. Hurricanes of 2004 were nothing compared to her!”