What are the Christmas wishes of Osceola County residents?

Greetings Osceola County.

As Christmas nears, the News-Gazette recently posed a question on our Facebook page. It read: If you could have anything you wanted for Christmas this year, what would it be?

Well, it drew some whimsical and some heartfelt responses. We asked those who wanted to be included in the story to list the city that they lived it.

Here are a number of the comments we received.

• Nicole Franz of St. Cloud: “The ‘looong’ scratch my husband put on my brand new truck via the lawnmower removed.”

• Shelly Ann Hearn of St. Cloud: “A cure for autism.”

• Jessica Alonso of Kissimmee: “Spend Christmas with my whole family. They are in N.Y. We haven’t spent Christmas together for over 25 years.”

• Ben Hoagberg of Intercession City: “Dinosaurs with lasers.”

• Rachael Reimer of Kissimmee: “A 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in red please!”

• Ernest White of Kissimmee: “A girlfriend.”

• Katherine Ruth Giles of Kissimmee: “A home for my 6 kids and disabled army veteran hubby whom works 80+ hours a week since I can’t work due to having M.S. I live in Kissimmee, Florida, and want to move to St. Cloud where I have family. So that would be my ultimate Christmas wish.”

• Janet Lee Rivera Colon of Kissimmee: “My Marine son stationed overseas. This will be his first Christmas away from home…”

• Penny Smith of Kissimmee: “I wish I could help my sister. Her husband passed 3 years next month. I would pay off her college loan. She is struggling and having a hard time.”

• Jaclyn Patterson of St. Cloud: “A cure for cancer.”

• Rose Sepulveda of Kissimmee: “To keep my home and does not get foreclosed.”

• Elsa Supley Mottola of Polk County: “Warm coats for our middle school children, I work at Neptune Middle.”

• Donna Ann Bryant-Carlisle of Kissimmee: “To be able to see my mother again. Lost her when I was 9 years old.”

• Stefanie Weisinger of Poinciana: “For my son to grow up and be a humble good person and be able to give to his children what I couldn’t give him.”

• Ell Marree of Kissimmee: “Peace On Earth/ Good Will To All.”️

• Shirley Punt of St. Cloud:  “A 3-wheel adult bike so I could get more exercise.”

• Michelle L. Leisenring of Kissimmee: “My wish is to be able to get my 17 year old son something for Christmas. To be able to pay my bills. To be able to find a job. Kissimmee to be cleaner. For people to be more respectful to others. One last thing, for people to start using their blinkers.”

• Carmen Rivera of Kissimmee: “It’s our 1 year in Kissimmee. We are very much in debt for moving up here from Pa. Would love to pay for my husband’s student loan, just one stress he don’t have to worry about.”

• Jenny McStoots-Bigley of St. Cloud: “I live in Saint Cloud all my life, the only thing I want and would make me very happy is a kidney. I’ve been on dialysis for 19 years and I have been trying to get on the transplant list for five of them. For one reason or another I have not be able to get on it. Most people don’t know how good they have it because they are healthy and living a “normal” life. That’s all I want is to be healthy and to work.”

• Awilda Cassell of Kissimmee: “An SUV for my family so we don’t feel so compacted.”

• Amber Rose Galbraith of St. Cloud:  “Realistically? A 4-wheeler so I have something to use out on the trails near my house to clear my mind between school, full time job, and a family that drives me mad. Now fantasy? A cure for type 1 diabetes, as I’ve had it for over 10 years and it’s a costly disease.”

• Michelle Estes Matheny of St. Cloud: “Christmas for my family.”

• Alexis Andrews of Homosassa Springs: “World peace.”

• Rhonda Ducker of St. Cloud: “I live in St. Cloud and if I could have anything I would like for Christmas is... Nothing! I have the simple things in life and a few bigger things. If I am meant to have anything else, then I will be blessed with it when the time is right.

Merry Christmas Osceola County!