4 things to know about the Kissimmee City Hall Christmas tree

1) It’s big. Really big.

The Christmas tree outside Kissimmee City Hall can’t be missed.

The artificial tree is 25 feet high, or a little over two stories tall.

It’s stored every year in seven “huge” boxes, according to Kissimmee Public Information Officer Melissa Zayas-Moreno.

2) Some major assembly required.

It takes around two days for six employees to fully assemble and decorate the tree. Employees from the Facilities Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department use a hydraulic lift to reach the higher sections and hang the star on top.

3) The tree is a Christmas tradition.

 City management chose the tree a few years ago after exploring options and looking at different samples. The same ornaments have also been used.

The tree stays up for about 30 days and is taken down every year after Three Kings Day.

4) The tree might get a makeover.

City Hall has owned its current tree for a few years now, but a makeover may be on the way.

City staff is in the process of upgrading the ornaments for future tree lightings, according to Zayas-Moreno.