Sail on over to SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular: runs weekends through Oct. 27

The Sesame Street Halloween Parade comes to Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld.

It’s an ocean of Halloween fun for the whole family at SeaWorld Orlando’s Halloween Spooktacular. During this daytime event you can explore our slightly spooky trick or treat trail, meet silly Halloween characters, and more in this family-friendly event that could only come from SeaWorld. SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular runs weekends through Oct. 27 and is included in park admission.

Enjoy an all-new parade, a dance party, and trick-or-treating for candy and goodies throughout the park.

All-New Sesame Street Halloween Parade


Pet's Ahoy Halloween

Halloween Dance Party

Meet a Mermaid

All guests are welcome to dress up in costumes, although only those 12 and younger are allowed to wear masks. Guests who are ages 13 and older may not wear masks or hoods in the park, and all costumes are subject to the normal dress code for the park. In addition, face painting is not permitted on any guests unless it is done by park artists.