Poll: The Patriots will win and they cheat

Well, here it is – the Super Bowl.

If you don’t know by now, the New England Patriots will battle the Los Angeles Rams Sunday.

According to Las Vegas sports books at press time Friday, the Patriots were favored by three points.

The News-Gazette recently took a poll on our Facebook page asking people who they thought was going to win. Two opinions were more than apparent: New England is going to win and the Patriots are cheaters.  

Here are just some of the responses:

• “Do you really think the Rams are going to win the Super Bowl? I don’t think that will happen and the Patriots are just on fire this year and Brady is going to make sure they win the Super Bowl. Go Patriots all the way. Sorry if you all think they are going to get beat. Not going to happen, sorry if you think that.”

“Patriots! They don’t take anything for granted, particularly TB (Tom Brady)!”

• “Patriots because we are going to continue to win win, win, until we win so much we get tired of winning!”

• “I hope the Rams win. However, I feel that the Patriots will win because by all rights, they should have lost last night (Jan. 20).”

• “Rams because the Patriots always win. Let some other team have the glory of winning a Super Bowl.”

• “Depends on which team franchise pays the most money in bribes.”

• “The Rams will ram the cheating, official-payoff, cheaters into the ground. And we all can say, “what a game.” Honest, hard working players and coaches from Los Angeles Rams!”

• “Patriots all the way.”

• “Patriots cause Brady has the refs in his pocket.”

• “Next question.”

• “The Patriots will celebrate in the White House.”

• “Patriots, because Tom Brady is the man.”

• “The Saints were robbed, but I pray the Rams beat the cheating Patriots.”

• “Of course the Patriots! Because they’re great players, they got themselves this far.”

• “Of course Patriots will do the damage!!! Like the Boston Red Sox did!!”

And a final post: “Who cares?”

The Super Bowl, which is on CBS, starts at 6:30 p.m.