Osceola Library System’s Lit Mag 2019 winners

The Call

By Isabella Vazquez, age 9

You shall not pass the flowers nor the open sea

You shall not cross the ocean without me to see.

I will be the She who is listening to the call of the wind, so I will be free.

This trip may be bumpy, but no doubt about the journey, to shout with glee,

The adventure calls for me.

Osceola Library System’s Lit Mag 2019 winners

Poor Little Black Bird

Etrinity Mabry, age 15

When you ask me what’s wrong, I’ll say nothing. But the look in my eyes says I’m struggling.

I’m trapped and I’m scared all in one. Am I angry or frightened, you choose luv.

I want to tell you, I really do. But I don’t think you can handle the real truth.

I laugh every day and fake a smile. But inside I’m screaming “Help me now.”

They tell me I’m worth it and to keep pushing. But I’m breaking, can’t you see? There’s barely anything.

I hug you as you cry but who’s there for me? It’s okay dear, stand on your feet.

I could scream and cry but what good would that do? As long as I live my duty is to serve you.

I hold it all in because I was trained that way. But you get to express yourself every single day.

“Poor little black bird,” they all say. Poor little black bird has gone away.

I Make My Own Magic

 MaryAlyce Peeples, age 11 (no photo submitted)

Unicorns and fairies are all great fun;

But I’ve made my own magic since grade one.

A dragon named Reading blocked my way;

In isolation, I was forced to stay.

I was locked out, ridiculed, and shamed;

The rude beast refused to be tamed.

At first, letters were friendly and dancing about;

When they refused to make words, I started to doubt.

The dragon’s letters slithered and slipped on the page;

They refused to stay in their own word cage.

I found letters were magical creatures;

Each of them had their own special features.

Together these pixies have formed words and woven stories;

They’ve mended hearts and shared heroes’ glories.

I realized letters are neither friend nor foe;

They only wait to be tamed by my own magic’s glow.

Over time, the dragon named Reading became my friend;

Our friendship’s uneasy, but lifelong to the end.

I make my own magic.  You can, too.

Magic’s in everyone, not just a few.