Summer vacation for both students and their parents is drawing to a close. Monday marks the start of a brand new school year.

So on our News-Gazette Facebook page, we asked: “The new school year starts Aug. 12. Are you looking forward to the start of the new school year? If so, tell us why?”

And we got a healthy number of responses, from happy teachers to humorous parents to those worried about traffic.

Here they are:

• “I am looking forward to my kids starting school because for one, my son will get off of his Xbox, my electrical bill will get cheaper and trips to the food markets will get easier on my pocket (I get to save money). I am so not looking forward to the middle school time change because I will have to pay morning extended day care and drive my daughter to school every morning. I will not like the waking up earlier. I am not looking forward to Osceola morning traffic.”

• “I have been in education for 27 years. Each year is still like the first day of school to me like when I was a child. Each year brings new beginnings. The start of something new, new experiences, challenges that make us stronger and new smiling faces. Teaching is challenging, but the rewards of molding little people for the world is all worth it.”

• “Traffic is always a nightmare, but when school is in session it’s worse. Now that they have a letter start time, the release time will be later as well and create a real disaster at the worst time of the day.”

• “I am looking forward to my daughter starting TOHO HS, she is so excited to take Naval Science. My youngest is going to 3rd grade...but this really means day dates to the pool and out to lunch with my husband.”

• “I can only imagine what Neptune Road will be like?”

• “I am so excited for this coming school year!!  I’m a VPK teacher in St. Cloud and have worked and planned hard this summer for this coming year and I am so ready to begin teaching all of my littles.”

• “No because I like my kids home. They do have a great school that is private but rather have them home.”

• “Yes because they won’t be fighting in my house. No because I hate waking up early.”

• “Yes cause the parents get more free time but also no cause there’s a school at the other side of the community I live in and cars line up blocking driveways to pick up their kids.”

• “No because more traffic on the roads to and from work.”

• “Roads are already clogged up just from buses practicing their routes.”

• “No because then I have to deal with a cranky teenager in the morning!”

• “I’m looking forward to the air conditioning staying in my house...The kid is.. in and out, in and out, in and out..”

• “I am... as I’m finally sending the last of my tribe off to kindergarten lol.”

• “Yes because they will stop snacking and fighting all day long.”

• “How interesting the comments are. I think 1 or 2 was excited for their kids in a positive way.”

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